Gain practical hands-on experience or evaluate the key features of Tanzu products by taking these labs. All these labs are broken down into small, consumable modules that can be taken indipendetly. Choose from from live labs, workshops and interactive simulations. Up and running on any browser in minutes and 100% free. No installation, licenses, or special hardware required.

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations live environment Pathfinder

       1: TMC Cluster creation on TKGs and access
       2: TO Overview
       3: TSM Overview
       4: TMC Policies deepdive, Backup and Upgrades

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operators Hands-on-lab (NEW 2022)

       Module 1: Introduction to Tanzu for Kubernetes Operators
       Module 2: Introduction to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
       Module 3: VMware Tanzu Mission Control
       Module 4: Tanzu Observability Basics
       Module 5: Introduction to NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi)
       Module 6: Introduction to Tanzu Service Mesh
       Module 5: Introduction to Harbor

Tanzu for Developers Hands-on-lab (NEW 2022)

       Module 1: Introduction to Tanzu
       Module 2: Spring Overview
       Module 3: Automated Container Creation with Tanzu
       Module 4: VMware Application Catalog (VAC)
       Module 5: Continuous Delivery with Tanzu
       Module 6: Introduction to Cloud-Native Runtimes

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Hands-on Lab | Odyssey Challenge

       Module 1: Introduction to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
       Module 2: Working with TKG Clusters
       Module 3: Deploying a Microservice Based Application
       Module 4: TKG Extension & Integrations
       Module 5: Deploying Management & Workload clusters
       Module 6: Octant - Kubernetes Visual Interface

Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) Hands-on-lab (NEW) | TestDrive Lab | Interactive Simulation

       Module 1: Cluster lifecycle management
       Module 2: Access policies
       Module 3: Conformance testing

Containers, Docker and Kubernetes 101 Hands-on Lab (NEW)

       Module 1: Walk thru the most commonly used docker and kubernetes commands
       Module 2: Learn how to deploy simple applications with Docker and Kubernetes
       Module 3: Experience scaling a sample application using the command and Yaml file (new for 2022)

vSphere with Tanzu with Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) TestDrive Lab

       Module 1: What is vSphere with Tanzu?
       Module 2: What is Tanzu Mission Control (TMC)?
       Module 3: Create and configure a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster
       Module 4: Assign permissions to the Kubernetes cluster
       Module 5: Install Kubeapps using Helm
       Module 6: Deploy WordPress

vSphere with Tanzu Hands-on Lab | Interactive Simulation

       Module 1: Introduction to vSphere with Tanzu
       Module 2: Managing vSphere with Tanzu
       Module 3: Working with Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters
       Module 4: AI/ML Workloads with GPU in Tanzu

VMware Cloud on AWS with Tanzu Interactive Simulation

       Module 1: Activate VMware-Managed Kubernetes
       Module 2: Create Namespaces for Workload Clusters
       Module 3: Create the Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster
       Module 4: Login to the Kubernetes Clusters

Tanzu Observability Free Trial with embedded workshop

       Module 1: Create your first Metric
       Module 2: Create your first Dashboard
       Module 3: Create Alerts

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Tanzu Service Mesh Interactive Simulation

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