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Steps for adding new blog posts


This blog will guide you through adding a blog on this site

Step 1

Navigate to the blogs github page.

Step 2

Click on “Add File” → “Create New File”

Step 3

Paste the following template in the file

title: "<Add Blog Title #changeme>"
date: 2021-01-23
draft: false
author: "Ninja Admins #changeme"
# taxonomy
tags: ["Tanzu Portfolio", "Tanzu Mission Control", "<Add additional catagories here> #changeme"]
location: "<Link to your blog #changeme>"
# type
type: "post"

### Short description of your blog

Step 4

Edit this file to reference your blog post

- title → Change the title of your blog

- date → Change the date to when the blog was published

- draft → Make sure this is set to false for blog to be visible

- author → Add the name of the blog author

- tags → Add the product names this blog talks about

- location → Add the url for your blog

- ### → Add a short one/two line description of your blog

Step 5

Add the name of the file at the top. Make sure the file extension is markdown by adding .md at the end.

Step 6

Navigate to the bottom of the page to commit the file. Use the second item from the list, “Create a new branch…” and hit the green “propose new file” button.

Step 7

Create the pull request by clicking the green button


That is it! Ninja Admins will approve this pull request which will add this blog to the blogs page here: https://modernapps.ninja/blog/

Thank you for helping us build the blog page!

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