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Central Registry and Taxonomy for modernapps.ninja hugo categories and tags


About this document

This Document is the central source of tags and categories that can be used on the modernapps.ninja webiste. All tags and categories must be added to this document before they can be used on any other document to ensure proper site functionality.

At the time of writing, all categories and tags used on any page in this Hugo site must first be registered to a blog post and pushed to the repository to produce a new hugo build before the Hugo Taxonomy page will render correctly. If a tag or category is applied to a page before it is fully registered in this document including push and new hugo build, the taxonomy page will never populate until it is first removed from any other document types.

This behavior is likely related to a configuration error that will be addressed as soon as possible, however for the time being, the process is functional and it is important to register all tags and categories in this document before using elswhere on the site.

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